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Volunteer Program  

Volunteers provide a valuable service to the staff and Individuals of FTH Residential Program / Adult Day Program and are essential to the FTH team.  They assist the staff in meeting individual’s social, physical and emotional and mental needs while providing a vital link to the community.

Assist and support FTH Individuals in doing things for themselves.  This helps maintain Individual’s independence and dignity.

Bring your unique talents and interests to enrich the lives of Individual’s and the environment of FTH.  Volunteers share their talents in such areas as music, crafts, gardening, art, exercise and carpentry and many more.  Volunteers join Individual’s at the table for lunch and help clean up after meals or activities.

From the Heart, Inc. volunteers are so important to us, the staff works hard to provide the tools, training, ongoing evaluation and feedback necessary for a rewarding experience.  Volunteers are regularly recognized by Individuals and staff for a job well done.  The goal is to create a fun and rewarding experience where personal growth and friendships are inspired.  FTH welcomes volunteers from 18 years of age or older

If you are interested in volunteering with From the Heart Enterprises, Inc.  please use the on-line form or the Volunteer Coordinators.

CONTACT US: S. Johnson, Administrator

  FTH is  CARF Accreditated Agency, which was established in 2001, we are a small agency providing care for adults with Mental Retardation. We are located in Gwinnett  and Dekalb Counties presently with two homes . We are a Community Residential Alternative; we meet  the needs of individuals with   developmental disabilities and their families.  We are interested in recruiting employees who offer valuable experience, professional integrity, and work ethic to join us. We welcome any prospective employee's who demonstrate Commitment, Purpose, and Compassion.

If you are interested , we encourage you to  download a Application & Job Description and fax or Email