Residential Training & Supervision 

 From the Heart services are designed to implement, encourage and build on existing social networks, natural sources of supports that result in increased independence and inclusion. Each Individual has the option to incorporate their values in their own experiences and dreams about the things they would like to do. Our services are intended to encourage and empower individuals to fulfill their choices, 5hopes and dreams. 

From the Heart ensures each individual's community inclusion, equal access, freedom of choice, and self-determination. This is all accomplished in a least restrictive and least intrusive environment. From the Heart is committed to supporting each individual with kindness, consideration, dignity and respect for their rights. Our individuals and their families can live a secure life knowing that FTH will be there when you need us. FTH provides quality care to each individual. The ratio is (1) one staff member for every (3) three individuals. 

From the Heart services include supports with activities in Daily Living Skills (DLS) such as; bathing, dressing, grooming, other personal hygiene, feeding, toileting, and other similar tasks. These services also include training and assistance in household care such as; meal preparation, clothes laundering, bed making, house cleaning, simple home repair, yard care, and other similar tasks. FTH Services include transportation in community activities, personal shopping, and other recreation.

FTH services consist of medically related services such as; Medical Management Supervision of self-administered medications, transporting individuals to medical appointments and assisting with therapeutic exercises. Services also consist of implementing (BSP) Behavioral Support Plans designed for individual to reduce inappropriate maladaptive behaviors and to acquire alternative adaptive skills and behaviors.

FTH use each individual’s ISP Goals for that individual’s success. Our focus is helping individuals to build on to independence their own. From the Heart helps all the individual’s we serve to accomplish their ISP Goals, and to achieve their highest level of independence. This is part of our ongoing effort to ensure quality services to our individuals and their families. We would like to thank our families, stakeholders and everyone within the community who continue to offer us support and encouragement.

Service Eligibility

From the Heart services are available to any individual with a primary diagnosis of mental retardation who resides in DeKalb & Gwinnett and the surrounding area. Age requirements of 18 years, FTH provides a variety of programs designed to empower individuals with developmental disabilities.

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