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From the Heart Enterprises, Inc.
Welcome HomeResidential Service Day Program Service Employment OpportunityPhoto Gallery

From the Heart Enterprises, Inc.
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Day  Program Services

Now Excepting Waiver Application. Services Provided Includes Various Trainings, Activities, Supervised Weekly Community Outings With Free Transportation (Wheelchair Accessible) For Adults With Multiple Intellectual Developmental Disabilities And Dual Diagnosis. 

We maintain at to ensure one-on-one attention to each individual. For a Brochure Application  will be sent out to anyone interested in this opportunity. We ask anyone interested in touring the facility to please call (770)-853-9795 the hours of operation are from Monday thru Friday 9:00AM to 3:00PM.  

The program provides free transportation with in a 25 mile radius of the center.  We are continuing ROto help each of our individuals reach their goals, achievements and desires.

Our program is designed to develop a balance and healthy blend of activities which features three major components;   
  • Community Integration- Exploring Various Community 
  • Curriculum- Skills Training/Academic-Training Though Classroom Activities        
  • Leisure or Recreational Activities

From the Heart’s Day Program offers a diverse approach to training which matches each individual to their appropriate level, based on their competency/capacity, ISP Goals, and the individual’s desires. Everyone is unique, we all learn and achieve at different rates. From the Heart's Day Program provides consistent opportunities for;
  • Community Outings
  • Leisure or Social Activities
  • Development of  Living Skills/ Grooming and Hygiene
  • Pre-vocational/ Life Skills
  • Cultural Activities
  • Communication Activities
  • Functional Skills
  • Building Relationship/Friendships
  • Reading Skills
  • Value of Money

FTH use each individual’s ISP Goals to design their curriculum for that individual’s success. Our focus is  helping individuals to build on to their own unique skills, learning pace, and desires. From the Heart helps all the individual’s we serve to accomplish their ISP Goals, and to achieve their highest level of independence. The resources that we have developed provides an open door to our many interactions in the community. This is part of our ongoing effort to ensure quality services to our individuals and their families. We would like to thank our families and everyone within the community who continue to offer us support and encouragement.